Video and Image Processing Cup

Topic : Real-time vehicle detection and tracking at junction using a fisheye camera

The IEEE SPS Video and Image Processing Cup (VIP Cup) student competition, presented by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, gives students the opportunity to work together to solve real-life problems using video and image processing methods. After students submit their work, three final teams are selected to present their work and compete for the grand prize at ICIP 2020.

Interested in competing? The submission deadline is July 30, 2020.  For full competition details, eligibility requirements, and team registration, visit the IEEE Signal Processing Society website.


  • Enes Yüncü, ISSD (
  • Mohd. Alhaddad, ISSD (
  • Betul Karaman, ISSD (
  • Selin Ece Böncü, Middle East Technical University (

Important Dates

  • June, 30: Initial Training Dataset released
  • July, 30: Submission deadline
  • August, 30: Finalists (best three teams) announced
  • September, 15: Test Dataset 1 released
  • October, 25: Competition on Test Dataset 2 virtually at ICIP 2020

Eligibility Criteria

Each team must be composed of one faculty member (the Supervisor), at most one graduate student (the Tutor), at least three but no more than ten undergraduate students (the Team Members) (at least three of the team members must be either IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) members or SPS student members).

 Team Prizes

  • The champion: USD 5000
  • The first runner-up: USD 2500
  • The second runner-up: USD 1500