Novel Coding Tools for the Next Generation Video Coding Format

Abstract : Internet based multimedia services, such as video on demand and video conferencing, rely on efficient compression technology to improve user experience and reduce the cost of content delivery and storage. With the rapid growth in the consumption of higher resolution and higher quality videos, the demand for more efficient video compression technology has become increasingly stronger. In 2018, the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) released AV1, an open video coding format that achieved 30% compression improvement over its predecessor VP9. The Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) is developing an emerging compression standard named Versatile Video Coding (VVC), which is expected to be finalized in mid-2020, and outperform HEVC by a large margin. Even with these new coding formats, the demand for higher compression efficiency still exist. This special session focuses on novel coding tools and techniques that can provide significant video compression improvement to benefit the design and development of the next generation video coding technology.


Hui Su
Google Inc.

Yue Chen
Google Inc.

Xin Zhao