Industry Workshop

Tencent Industry Workshop

Welcome to the Tencent Industry Workshop!

Tencent Media Lab is delighted to be hosting this industry workshop at ICIP 2020. Our engineers will be showcasing their efforts in designing multimedia algorithms and systems used by hundreds of millions worldwide from QQ, Tencent Meeting to Tencent Cloud, and discussing vision-related topics such as video coding, processing, understanding, generation, immersive media and more. The 2020 pandemic has shown how deeply multimedia systems affect our daily life and we will be highlighting just what it takes for us to keep developing our technology. We will be syncing up live with teams all over the world. Don’t miss it!

  • Opening Address : Dr. Shan Liu (Chair) 5min.
  • Intelligent Media : Dr. Songnan Li 10min.
  • Standards : Dr. Xiang Li 10min.
  • Media Compression : Dr. Bin Zhu 10min.
  • Immersive Media : Ms. Weiwei Feng 10min.
  • Q&A : 15min.

YouTube/Chrome Industry Workshop

Welcome to the YouTube/Chrome Industry Workshop!

Stories from the technological crucible of User-Generated Video

Since 2012 the Chrome Media and YouTube Media Algorithms team have been showcasing their research and development activities at ICIP. Previous workshops have highlighted work in new video codecs and novel video enhancement pipelines used in YouTube. The goal is to motivate young engineers and researchers in the area of audiovisual processing and help show how research ideas become products in a video system. Engineers working in product teams speak about their experiences and highlight new technology being deployed to huge audiences worldwide. This year we are integrating live talks from different Google offices around the world. Don’t miss it!

Chairs :

  • Balu Adsumili
  • Debargha Mukerjee