Plenary Speaker : Prof. Lina Karam,Dean of the School of Engineering, Lebanese American University

Session chairs : Moncef Gabbouj and Ghassan AlRegib

Title :Towards Resilient Deep Learning



While deep neural networks (DNNs) perform on par with – or better than – humans on pristine high-resolution images, DNNs were shown to be very sensitive to small adversarial perturbations even when the perceived visual quality of the images is not affected. Furthermore, DNNs were found to be sensitive to images with quality degradations, which are frequently encountered in real-world applications.  While recent advances in machine learning may help increase the resilience of DNNs, many challenges remain to be addressed. This plenary presents a selective review of visual quality factors and adversarial attacks that were found to significantly affect the DNN recognition performance. This plenary will also cover promising “defense” methods and will offer insights into remaining challenges.

Prof. Lina J. Karam is the Dean of the School of Engineering and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Lebanese American University. She is an IEEE Fellow and Editor-In-Chief of the IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing (IEEE JSTSP). Prior to joining LAU, Prof. Karam was a Full Professor in the School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, where she also served as Computer Engineering Director for Industry Engagement. Prof. Karam was awarded a U.S. National Science Foundation CAREER Award, a NASA Technical Innovation Award, IEEE Region 6 Award, IEEE SPS Best Paper Award, Intel Outstanding Researcher Award, and IEEE Phoenix Section Outstanding Faculty Award. Prof. Karam’s industrial experience includes video compression R&D at AT&T Bell Labs, multidimensional data processing and visualization at Schlumberger, and collaborations on computer vision, machine learning, image/video processing, compression, and transmission projects with various industries. She served as General Chair of IEEE ICIP 2016 and as General Co-Chair of IEEE ICME 2019. She helped initiate the World’s First Visual Innovation Award that was presented for the first time at IEEE ICIP 2016 and more recently the World’s First Multimedia Star Innovator Award that was presented at IEEE ICME 2019. Prof. Karam has over 220 technical publications and she is an inventor on 7 issued US patents. She served on the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Strategic Planning Committee, IEEE SPS Board of Governors, IEEE CAS Fellow Evaluation Committee, and the IEEE SPS Conference Board.  In addition to serving as EiC of IEEE JSTSP, Prof. Karam is currently serving on the IEEE TechRxiv Advisory Board, IEEE Access Journal Editorial Board, IEEE SPS Awards and Publications Boards, IEEE SPS IVMSP TC, and IEEE CAS DSP TC.