This year, we recognize for the first time the hard work of ICIP 2020 reviewers, who provided the highest quality reviews. To this effect, 22 reviewers, which correspond to the top 3% of reviewers, were selected based on nominations by the Area Chairs to receive a Top Reviewer Recognition Certificate.

  • Srikar Appalaraju
  • Majid Asadi
  • Pedro Assuncao
  • Paolo Bestagini
  • Kunal Chaudhury
  • Marc Chaumont
  • Gene Cheung
  • Petros Daras
  • Li Ding
  • Michael Gormish
  • Jesús Gutiérrez
  • Joseph Havlicek
  • Damien Kelly
  • Lucio Marcenaro
  • Thomas Richter
  • Dan Schonfeld
  • John See
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Yuichi Tanaka
  • Lei Wang
  • Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong
  • Alessio Xompero

In addition, two of these reviewers are selected to receive the Best Reviewer Award during the Conference Awards Ceremony.

  • Joseph Havlicek
  • John See

Congratulations to all ICIP 2020 Top Reviewers on this recognition. We would also like to thank all ICIP2020 Area Chairs; their contributions to shaping the Technical Program of ICIP 2020 are highly appreciated.

ICIP 2020 TP co-Chairs
A. Murat Tekalp and Ghassan AlRegib